Why browse Eager?

Hello and welcome to Eager!

So what’s in here for you?

Well as a start you must be a language enthusiast, an intellectual or a curious creative human in any sense. But don’t worry, if you’re here just for a breather or some entertainment I got you!

On this website (as of now), you’ll find various categories:

Mind Juice

Here I’ll be sharing thoughts on my own journey learning different languages and maybe get a little personal. But I’ll also talk about the human nature and different obstacles that might face you and how to get past them. Both from research and personal experience.

Linguistics for Nerds

I happen to like human languages both on a personal and professional level. So I dedicated this section to go into the scientific aspect of things. It’s by no means any less fun. In fact, I’d say otherwise if you’re truly fond of language sciences and curious about them. I’ll be sharing views, research and book digestions as well. I recommend checking this section out just for fun and knowledge, or even if you’re seeking a teaching profession and want to be creative and stand out.

TPRS Lessons & Materials

In this section you’ll find the most creative language courses and lessons on the Internet. I can guarantee they’re also the most fun and argue they’re the most effective!

I will dedicate a post on what teaching using TPRS actually is with very useful resources, so look out for that. But to give you an idea, they’re short audio lessons designed to be listened to anywhere and they follow a fun storytelling/conversational style and escalate in difficulty. Each lesson’s material, transcript and exercises will be provided in a relevant section as well. And we’ll start with 3 languages; English, French and Spanish. Keep checking the website regularly for new lessons! Or save yourself trouble and subscribe to my email newsletter and you’ll be notifies when new lessons are posted!

Academic lessons and exercises to prepare you for different tests like the IELETS for example

Some folks gotta take it the hard way and I have not forgotten about you my dears. In this section, I will provide professionally prepared lessons, exercises, tests for you! Also varying in difficulty and you can always request custom lessons or coverage of a certain topic!

Tips on Learning a language

But not the regular ones. Those are all over the Internet. OK, maybe some regular tested effective ones. But nothing tedious and boring. And a bunch of fun creative ones as well. I will be keeping this section updated of my personal experience and research so have an eye on it. Or again, newsletter!


Because it’s all created for you, isn’t it?!

Yes it is, so your opinion matters. I’ll be posting a lot of discussion posts over there to get your perspective on things too!

Exclusive content for subscribers

Pretty self-explanatory I guess :”D

Extra perks and more in-depth lessons for those who are willing to take it a step further.

There are some sub-sections of these sections as well, going into specific topics or specific language if there’s a topic in mind that interests you the most.


Alright then, I’ll be next to your side accompanying you in your tour now. Don’t forget that suggestions and requests are more than welcome, so don’t hold back!

See you in your article of choice, happy surfing!

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